Things to look for in a Realtor

1. Are they local to the area you are looking in? Do they live in the area? Do they have a long history in the area? If they do, then they are much more likely to know all the information you need, which is critical to making the right decisions.

2. Do they work full time as a Realtor? If they don't, they may not be hard working enough and diligent enough to succeed for you.

3. How long have they been a Realtor? While a new to the industry agent can be capable, it just makes sense that experience is valuable.

4. How big are they? Will they be so busy they will pass you off to an assistant? Consider the advantages of working with someone that you will deal with directly at all times.

5. Can they provide you with the names and numbers of other reputable professionals you will need? There are a huge varirty of resources you will need, from Home Inspectors, to Legal, to Mortgage Brokers, and so on. Consider making sure they can refer to you more than one, proven, competent, professional in each area.

6. How will they keep you informed? Can you reach them on their cell? Do you prefer email? Text? Consider how you want to stay in touch without communication frustration.

7. Exactly how well do they know the area? Do they know the bylaws? Building permits? City Hall? Secondary suite information? Taxation? Restrictions? You want to choose someone very familiar with the municipality you are looking in.

8. Do they have great references? Testimonials? Actual people you can talk to about them? Good Realtors are transparent and encourage investigation.

9. Where do they get their business from? Is it anybody they can find anywhere? Are they off to the next one no matter where it is the minute they can? Or do they work off referral? Is most of their business from past clients recommending them? This is a sure sign they are working for YOU!

10. Do they use professionals for photography? The staging? Online presence? If they invest in professional services for you, the results can be staggering.

11. Do they give back to the community? Do they volunteer their time? Do they donate to charities? Are they committed to making the community a better place? Consider how this reflects their passion for helping people and the neighbourhood.

12. Choosing the right Realtor makes all the difference in the world. It can be life changing. Make your choice the right one.

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