Summer in BC

Hi Everyone,


It's not often that we get a summer as amazing as this one.  It seems that the sunshine will not stop!  


Market activity is unusually brisk.  The spring market came late and has overflowed into July.  We are finding that there are a lot of potential buyers who have secured an interest rate prior to the last mortgage rate rise.  These buyers are actively looking for their new home.  If they don't use their securred rate they lose it, and it can seriously affect the amount of their purchase.  So if you are thinking about selling - now is the time.


On a personal note I'm excited about the upcoming Ultraman Canada Triathlon.  This race happens over 3 days and takes place in the Okanagan.  The athletes do a 10k swim, followed by a 420k bike, and then finish it off with a 84.3k run.  I'm volunteering at one of the run aid stations.  I hope to be inspired... but I've assured my mother that I will NOT be taking on this challenge - EVER!

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