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After completing Ironman Canada in August I've had some 'challenges' fitting a normal exercise routine into my life.  Real Estate can become all consuming.  This is my way of balancing the two.  I will occassionally blog about fitness, as well as the local real estate market.


I'm going to start this off by including a summary of my 2012 Ironman Canada experience.


Here goes:


IMC 2012


Well, as in the past, I guess I'll start with what worked.


1. It ended.


Okay, Seriously - Lessons learned.


1. Goals are meant to be tough, or everyone would achieve them.

2. Support from family & friends is what keeps you going when you'd rather quit.

3. The ambulance is for other people.

4. It's okay to be happy with my results.

5. Ignore those people who would judge your achievment.

6. Spend a bit of time enjoying what you've accomplished.

7. More people are cheering you on than you know.

8. I have rules for quitting.

9. Tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to keep going.  It may not make sense, or even be true, but if it propels you toward your goal - keep it up!

10. Negative thoughts said out loud give them power.

11. Keep going ... long after you can't.


More to come...




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